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June 7, 2021

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Dryden Junior/Senior High School's One Hundred Fortieth Commencement was held on June 6. Congratulations to the graduates, and good luck in your next chapter!

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The End of the 2020-21 School Year

This is our last full week of school. Next week's half day schedule can be found below.

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Varsity Softball

The Dryden Varsity Softball team beat Genesee 15-0 to win the District Championship on Friday, June 4.

The Lady Cardinals take on Kingston in Regional Semifinal action at USA on Saturday, June 12 at noon. Tickets can be purchased on GoFan.

Varsity Golf

The Boys Golf Team finished 10th of 20 teams at the Whitmore Lake Golf Links Regional Match on June 1.

Scores were:

Jacob Burgess-89

Jack Kaplan- 92

Merrick Maris- 122

Scott Lake- 126

Jase Tank- 164

Varsity Baseball

Dryden Boys Baseball played Memphis in a doubleheader on June 1. They put up a good fight but did not win. Let's look at what and how the boys did.

Game One (20-4)

Reed Hall and Michael Hickmott had a hit. Reed Hall, Michael Hickmott, Dylan Ledford, and Joe Breeding had a run each. Charlie Fliedner had one RBI. Reed Hall had a stolen base.

Game Two (3-0)

Marty Barker, Charlie Fliedner, Tommy Giles, and Connor Wolff had one hit. Reed Hall and Dylan Ledford had one walk. They also had one stolen base.

Dryden Boys Ball played in District Competition at Sterling Heights Parkway Christian. Unfortunately, they lost a close battle, 3-1. Let's look at the stats for the last Varsity Baseball Game for the seniors.

Marty Barker had a double. Charlie Fliedner and Joe Breeding had 1 hit each. Charlie Fliedner, Tommy Giles, Dylan Ledford, and Josh Schornak had 1 walk each. Marty Barker had the only run scored for Dryden. Charlie Fliedner had the RBI.

Good try, Boys. You can get them next year. Thanks for making this year awesome for those seniors on the team. Good Job and Go Cardinals!

Varsity Track And Field

by Lily Finnigan

This past Saturday, Varsity Track spent their day at Hudsonville competing at States. Congratulations to Erin Boetcher for placing seventh in the 100 and Ella Kage for placing seventh in the 1600 and eleventh in the 3200. Olivia Sticker placed fifteenth in the 400 and Nate Schenkel placed fifteenth in high jump. The girls 4x400 team (Olivia Stickler, Ava DeVlamnick, Ella Kage, and Erin Boetcher) placed sixteenth. The girls 4x800 team (Ava DeVlamnick, Audrey Napolitano, Lily Finnigan, and Olivia Stickler) placed nineteenth. Great job this season and congrats to the Seniors, you will be missed!

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What's For Lunch?

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Upcoming Events

Monday, June 7

Tuesday, June 8

Wednesday, June 9


Thursday, June 10

Friday, June 11

Juniors last day at Ed Tech

Random Student Spotlight

Sophia Peter

Sophia is a Freshman who has been at Dryden since she was four. She is in Volleyball, Basketball, NJHS, Student Council, Yearbook, and outside of school, she is a competitive dancer. She says her favorite thing about Dryden is how small it is. Outside of school, Sophia enjoys going up north and hanging out by the lake or riding on the trails. Her dream career is to become an orthopedic surgeon or to enlist in the Navy. She hopes to pursue her dream career after high school at a decent school. Sophia says the hardest thing about COVID is being stuck in the house with her family.

Cara Prusakiewicz

Cara is a seventh-grader who is in her first year at Dryden. Her favorite thing so far is the opportunities students have. Some of her hobbies include reading, baking, and gymnastics. Outside of school, she enjoys jumping on her trampoline and hanging out outside with friends and family. As of now, Cara does not have a dream career in mind. She just knows she wants to do something where she can express her creativity. Cara is excited to meet new people and discover new opportunities when she gets into high school. Cara says the hardest thing about COVID is just being bored and having nothing to do with herself.

It Starts In Dryden

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Alumni: We need you!

Let's celebrate our #proudcardinal alumni!

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Riddle of the Week

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Today’s riddle: I'm as small as a pea but I'm as big as the sky and I don't belong to the person that purchases me. What am I?

Last issue’s riddle: A father had 4 daughters. each of the daughters had a brother. How many children does the father have?

Answer: 5 children

Last issue’s winner: Mrs. Marta

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"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

- Albert Einstein

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