Reasons to protect the Environment

By Maurice Lacy

The Environment is like a treasure chest , that needs to have its treasure protected . It holds millions of unknown interesting jewels. As humans we owe the Earth the favor of protecting her gift to us. From the deep blue oceans ,to the vast green valleys.

Tress give oxygen

Without our tress we as humans will not be able to survive, so we will be able to live our daily lives . As a world we need to stop cutting down our tress , and plant more for us to enjoy - weather that means more in parks , neighborhood,and around our down town areas.
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Clean water is a must

We need clean water to drink for all people to live. For many people around the world that is not an option because of water being polluted. Huge chemical companies are lynching their chemicals into our own drinking water .
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Tress are also homes

If we keep chopping down our tress , our wildlife will begin to lose there homes. Many species will become endangered, or will not be able to support themselves . We as people need to put our self in the animals shoes, would we want our homes destroyed with out our say?
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Leafs are unique

Leafs are very special because they can change color during the seasons. Not many other things in the world are able to do that . Leafs also can be very large ,or long an skinny. Many times you can tell what type of tree the leaves came from.
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Sunlight is mysterious

The sun is another important reason why we need to protect our environment. With out the sun , our plants will not grow to feed the people. It also helps with renewable energy to power electricity; lets no forget it can also bring good weather .
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A leaf is still a leaf

No matter how simple you may think something is, its still worth saving . For example, these may be leaves, but they make up something bigger .
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Food is all in nature

Many bushes and trees contain food sources for many animals - from the leafs to the tiny red barriers that grown. Once we destroy all of the animals food we would mess up the food chain.
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Outdoors is like Disneyland

All around you can find all sorts of unique eye catching wonders waiting to be found; you do not have to go far , or spend a lot of money . Many unique views can be seen in your own backyard .
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Flowers will be flowers

Flowers are just as important , and also need to be treated well also. The flowers are very pretty to look at. They can provide pollen for bees and can come in many different colors, shapes , and sizes .
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Environment is not everyones cup of tea

The environment has been said to be a never ending problem . Many people be believe that we spend to much time and money into saving the environment and can argue that they do not see a huge change with the money that is being donated. Our water is still dirty, the carbon omissions haven't decreased, and no one recycles but the changes that have been made have made a huge impact on our environment.
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The environment is worth saving because it is the place we all call home. So we need to take pride in were we live so future generations can also admire what we have seen .