Happy U

The questions for our awesome product

What is your invention and the name of the invention?

A product that are all of the utensils in one, and it is also a heater. So 3*1.

It is unique?

Yes, because nobody has invented a 3*1 utensil with flip-out buttons.

How do you know it is unique?

we made a twist to it, which is 3*1 utensil.

What is the purpose of your invention?

To save people from buying more forks,spoons,knifes. Also when you misplace or loose them.

How does your invention work?

1) You press the buttons of your choice. 2) A utensil will flip out.

How much does it cost make?

7.53= 0.99 for spoon + 0.99 for fork + 0.99 for knife + 1.15 for covering + 1.87 for the inside machines + 1.54 for gas heater

What is your target audience?

Teenagers and up.

Is there a need or want for this invention?

Yes, because it is used for eating & saves 3*'s as much & can be used protection.

What materials do you need to build your invention?

1 spoon, 1fork, 1 knife, 3 buttons, 3 casses.

How much are you selling it for and why?

11.99, because its useful and affordable, as well portable for people.