Darwins Postulates Smore

Oscar Ruiz

How it all started

Darwin made some experiments with artificial selection, and with further observation he believed that the same type of selection he was doing in his experiment could happen naturally. Darwin figured out that four things needed to be correct so his research about natural selection would be valid, and thats how its know as Darwins Four Postulates.

Four Postulates

Variation among individuals within species

The first postulate is fairly simple to understand, it is simply saying that their has to be variation of phenotypes or traits. Imagine it this way, if their was absolutely no variation in traits, their would be nothing to select from. So natural selection will never occur and neither will evolution.

In every generation more offspring is produced that can survive

Think of it as survival of the fittest, the ones that are best fitted or the strongest ones have more chance of surviving. It goes back to Darwins idea saying not all offspring can survive, only the ones with the better or more adaptive traits.
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Survival and Reproduction of Individuals Is Not Random

The third postulate is strongly correlated with the second one, since it goes back to the idea that the strongest are the ones that survive. It is not random since the people with the strongest traits are the ones that live enough to reproduce.

Some Variation is Heritable

If a unique variation occurs in a individual or a animal, it is tested that the parents had an offspring with that same variation. It also applies to natural selection, if the parent had a specific variation that helped him survive, it will also be reflected in the next generation.
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