Do You Share Your iTunes Library?

Here's how to password protect your iTunes library.

Put A Password On Your iTunes Library When Home Sharing

When setting up the Apple TV in your classrooms, one of the things you may have done is turned on the "Home Sharing" feature in your iTunes account in order to stream content from your iTunes library. This is a necessary feature to ensure you get the most from your Apple TV use in the classroom. A draw back is that your iTunes library and all of it's contents is now made available throughout our campus network. This means that if a student is accessing their iTunes Library while on campus (most likely only our 7th and 8th grade students participating in the 1:1 laptop program), then they can also see your iTunes library on our network. They can access your iTunes library and play your music, watch your movies, and anything else you have available. There is a way to prevent this from happening. You can password protect your iTunes library when "Home Sharing", and only those individuals you share your password with can access your library. This password is different from the one to your iTunes account and if you decide to share it with your friends, then take comfort in knowing that they will not be able to access your iTunes account.
Here are the steps to setting a password for your iTunes library when you are "Home Sharing":

Step 4

Once you select Preferences, a "Sharing Preferences" dialogue box will pop up, and from here you will choose "Sharing"

Step 5

In the same "Sharing Preferences" dialogue box, place a check in the box next to "Require password". Then type in a password for sharing your iTunes library. I would recommend that this password be different from your iTunes account, especially if you plan on sharing it with friends. Be sure to write the password down, and put it in a safe place in case you forget it. Once you've finished, then click "OK".

To Sum It Up!

That's it! That's all it takes. I love listening to some of the music in your iTunes libraries while I'm on campus, so feel free to share your newly created password with your co-workers. You probably already know who likes to tap into your iTunes library.