November 2018

Important Updates for Secondary Math Teachers

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Sign Up Today for the Geometry Academy Today!

The Office of Teaching and Learning is pleased to offer professional development for math teachers interested in learning more about the geometry content of high school courses. This includes special education and ESL teachers.

The emphasis will be on best practices for teaching geometry standards in engaging and meaningful ways, using rich tasks, and exploring the changes to Ohio's Learning Standards. Participants will receive a daily stipend of $125 and free resources (see below) they can use in their classroom right away. Graduate credit is also available!

Participants will receive (click links to view select items):

And more!

Weekly drawings include:

Graduate credit (up to 3 hours) can be purchased for $164 per semester hour.

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Visit to register!

ALEKS Geometry Contest for High School Students

Students can sign up to take part in our High School Geometry ALEKS contest!

Integrated Math I and II courses have been created with updated Geometry standards as the focus of our new contest. This contest has been designed to help students currently taking either Integrated Math I or II as well as students who will be retaking an AIR test for either subject.

NEW: Students will fill out a form to notify the math office when they have signed up, allowing us to activate their account.

Students will receive one entry for each 10% of the course mastered. Random students will be chosen to receive gift bags filled with school supplies. The contents of each bag will vary and may include Blokus and 24 games, USB drives, cell phone charging device, TI 30SX calculators, and more!

Download a poster to advertise the contest below.

CCS AIR Boot Camp Materials

AIR Boot Camp materials can be found on the CCS website at:

Add AIR Prep Assignments to Your HS ALEKS Classes!!

ALEKS assignments have been created to help your students prepare for the Integrated Math I and II AIR tests. We created 20 assignments for each subject based on most-missed questions from past AIR test administrations. You can copy these assignments into your own ALEKS courses. Simply follow the directions in the document below.

Solve the Brain Teaser to Win a Prize!

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Have an Answer to the Brain Teaser Above?

To submit your answer, use your Google Login and click HERE.

The form will be turned off after winners are chosen.

If you are one of the first 5 people to respond correctly, we will send you a set of 10 Prealgebra Wrap-ups!

Congratulations to:

1. Emily Mazur, Mifflin HS

2. Mary Barber, Columbus North

3. Marcos Segovia, West

4. Cameron Assadian, Whetsone

5. Kristen Pierce, Yorktown

Schedule Changes and New Students: ALEKS

This is the time of year when schools adjust teacher and student schedules. ConnectED will automatically adjust schedules by sharing information in Infinite Campus with McGraw-Hill. ALEKS changes must be done manually.

Each building's ALEKS admins can move students from one teacher to another teacher. They can also create new teacher accounts, if necessary. All teachers have access to move students from one of their own classes to another class they teach.


When a new student enters your class, the first thing you should ask is: "Have you been working in ALEKS in another CCS building?" If yes, let Steve know. That student can continue to work in his/her account while it is transferred. If you create a new account and the student starts over, it becomes much harder to correct. If the student has not been working in ALEKS yet, you can simply enroll the student using the Enroll/Preregister option. Refer to the guide below. You can find a much more comprehensive ALEKS guide in the Digital Resource Binder.

Middle School Accelerated Math

We are in the process of identifying Math 6 students who may qualify for our accelerated math program. Students must meet on the of the following requirements:

  • Earned 230 or higher on BOY Map this fall
  • Earned 224-229 on BOY Map this fall plus all 3s and 4s on Math 5 report card
  • Identified as Gifted-Talented in math or superior cognition
  • Earned a 4 or 5 on Math 5 AIR test
  • Taking Math 6 as a fifth grader

Watch for more info to come at

HS Department Chair Dates

Department chair meetings run from 3:30pm - 5:30pm, usually the 3rd Wednesday of each month (see dates at right).

Thanks to Jeremy Stuhlfauth for hosting at Linden-McKinley last month. Check out student desk work below!

Our next meeting will be held on November 28 at Columbus Alternative HS.

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AIR Support

In addition to students currently enrolled in Integrated Math I and II, students who did not receive the score desired may wish to take a test again. Since the standards have been updated, those students need to be prepared for the new versions of the tests. Here are some recommendations:

1. Students should visit the Ohio Department of Education website and take the practice AIR tests.

2. Teachers can download released items and sample questions from the Digital Resource Binder and share these items with students.

3. Since many of the updates concern geometry standards, special geometry classes are being set up in ALEKS to help students prepare. Watch for information coming soon!

4. Students currently enrolled in courses such as Integrated Math III or AQR can be enrolled in Integrated Math I or II courses instead, or they can work in the new geometry courses being created.

ALEKS/ConnectED Training

We are pleased to once again offer the training services of Mr. Kevin Thuman of McGraw-Hill. We can arrange to have Kevin come to your building to work with you on ALEKS and ConnectED. He can work with you before/after school, during plan periods, and during the school day. Principals have been sent a form to fill out to request the training. Please work with him/her to select a date and time that work for you. For your convenience, the form is attached (below).
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