WANTED: Perry Smith

For the murder of the clutter family

Physical Description

Perry Smith is half Irish and half Cherokee Indian. "... he had seemed a more than normal-sized man, a powerful man, with the shoulders, the arms, the thick, crouching torso of a weight lifter, weight lifting was, in fact, his hobby. But some sections of him were not in proportion to others. His tiny feet, encased in short black boots with steel buckles, would have neatly fitted into a delicate lady's dancing slippers; when he stood up, he was no taller than a twelve-year-old child, and suddenly looked, strutting on stunted legs that seemed grotesquely inadequate to the grown-up..."

Criminal offenses

He is wanted for the murder of the Clutter Family. Be careful, he was once admitted into Langins for stealing. Be aware, he is very dangerous.

Family history

Perry had a traumatic experience with his family. His mother was an alcoholic and died from drowning of her vomit, His brother went suicide after the death of his fiance, his sister jumped out of a window, and his father was an abusive alcoholic. His family had abandoned him at one point

Murder of the Clutter Family

Friday, Nov. 4th, 2am

The Clutters house

He shot and killed Nancy Clutter, Mrs. Clutter, and Keynon Clutterand cut Mr. Clutters throat and shot him. If anyone knows where he is please call 1-800-555-5555

Bias of Perry Smith

Since Perry had such a rough life growing up, it can cause some bias feelings towards him. Some people may feel some sort of sympathy and may feel as if the reason for him committing the crime is related to his past. Some people may feel as if his punishment shouldn't be as harsh as what it would be because he is already in pain.