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Sophomore Honors English Newsletter ~ Nov. 2017

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Is there a difference between SEEING and KNOWING?


I am tasked with helping your student meet 44 (!) English Language Arts standards this year. While Pearson--the online curriculum we launched last year--ensures that we do this, students will also do a slew of other engaging activities to help them meet the standards this year! (Having trouble viewing the table below? Check out a larger version HERE.)
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Is Your Student Reading at Home?

One of the requirements of an honors English student is that s/he voraciously reads for pleasure outside of class. (See the other requirements HERE.) After all, if students wouldn't think of bypassing a workout, missing a music rehearsal, or skipping a soccer practice, they can't afford to opt out of regular at-home reading either. Check out the infographic below for reasons why reading just 20 minutes a day will give your student the edge.

Note: November means that your student should be starting his/her THIRD (!) book of the year any day now! Ask your reader what s/he's enjoyed so far.

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