Internet Safety

Teaching Students the Right Way to Use the Internet

What's the Big Deal Anyway??

"As internet use has become a daily part of most students’ lives, students must know how to protect themselves and their identity at all times—especially when teachers and parents aren’t there to help them."

10 ways schools are teaching internet safety

Becoming the Investigator!

One lesson Idea from a teacher librarian

YOU are to become the detective in this project! I will give you 3 web sites to look at.

"[analyze information such as the site's] author, sponsoring organization, copyright date, contents, [and] purpose … and compare the information on the website to information in nonfiction reference sources [and] online databases. The catch is that one of the three websites is a hoax! [It's YOUR job] to figure out which website is the hoax."

After [you] have looked at all three websites and figured out which one is the hoax, share what [you] found with their classmates about the hoax site that made them question its authenticity.

Joan Curtis, teacher librarian, Information Literacy Education, Schwenksville Elementary School, Pa.

In your own words, WHY is this stuff so important?

Do you really know who you're talking to?


Write a paragraph explaining why internet safety is so important and 2 ways you plan on being safer when online.