The Fall

Karlton Johnson

The beginning that all knows..

It started when we was walking to the public pool in Atlanta, Georgia. I was 6 years old at the time until a bad accident occurred while in there. I told my mom I’m going into the pool first she said,” Okay be careful.” I said,” I will.”

After my life been saved

When I woke up, I saw blurriness and got a nose bleed. Then, I heard someone call my name in a distance it was my mom. She was worried half to death and glad I was ok, so she picked me up and took me to a doctor’s office to get a check up on what had happened. I told the doctor I fell into 7 foot side of the pool and couldn’t get out air, because I could not reach out on top of the water. He asked how I got a nose bleed. I said, ”Probably, when I coughed up water and some came out my nose also." So, he examined me and told my mom what to do. All I could hear is help him breathe more during events such as swim, track, any sports involves with running or stamina.

Happy being alive

All I know that I was happy to get out of the water and see my mom and everyone else even though I do not want to go in a pool for a while. After that my family was asking if I was ok and asking other questions to me so I got annoyed, but I was glad they asked. All I know is that I’m never stumbling ever again. Until that day I never stumbled and helped myself breathe more. So I’m glad whoever saved me knew what to do and I wished he would be my forever friend if I ever see him again if I could. But whatever I do… Do not stumble or there’s trouble and becomes a fumble.

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