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June 6, 2022

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Last week, I presented an end-of-year update on the progress made towards the recommendations in the PCG report to the Board of Education. I am so proud of the progress that has been made this year in meeting the recommendations. Thank you to the GPS staff, parents, students and Greenwich community for all of your support.

A reminder that next Tuesday, June 14, The Office of Special Education and Student Supports and the Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) are hosting the second in-person event with Dr. Lydia Soifer on Executive Functioning and Working Memory. Please come join us at Greenwich High School's Student Center at 7:00 PM!


Stacey Heiligenthaler, Ph.D.

Chief Officer of Special Education and Student Supports

What We Are Seeing 👀 Around the Schools

Gratitude Wall at Glenville

The first graders in Ms. Shtufaj's classroom at Glenville School learned about gratitude and shared some of the things they were grateful for.

Yoga at Old Greenwich

Old Greenwich School parents participated in an interactive workshop that incorporated yoga and mindfulness. Dr. Alina Boie, a psychologist on the District's Behavior Support Team, taught parents effective stress reduction strategies they can use with their children at home.

Ecosystems at Riverside

A Riverside classroom welcomes a visit by Assistant Principal Ms. Safiya Key. Students in second grade are learning about ecosystems and the interdependence between plants and animals. As part of this unit, students study pollinators, including bees who help to pollinate the flowers in our own school's yard.

Refocusing at Cos Cob

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Woodring's class at Cos Cob School learned how to practice mindfulness and take deep breaths. This helps them relax, refocus, and get ready for more learning.

Workshops and Resources

Extended School Year Registration

Just a reminder, if your child is eligible for Extended School Year (ESY) on their IEP, please sign up to let us know that you are coming. ESY is from July 5 through August 5t Detailed information and registration are located on the GPS summer school website. Any questions, please email

SEAC’s Executive Functions and Working Memory Workshop

The Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) and Office of Special Education and Student Supports held Part 1 of a workshop on May 23 that featured Dr. Lydia Soifer, who discussed executive functions and working memory. You can review the presentation and watch the video recording. Part 2 is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, from 7:00-8:30 PM, at Greenwich High School's Student Center. For further details contact:

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The Office of Special Education and Student Supports

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