Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School

iMovie and iTrailer

iMovie is and app witch you can make and edit a movie or movies. On this app you can also insert photos and small videos to put into your finial movie.

In iTrailer is a app that you can make trailers in. In this app you can film for your trailer and insert pictures. You can also add in phrases or words you can pick different styles or fonts, you can add all this to you one minute trailer.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app that lets you make a slide show to present information. On this app you can change the background and font of the words. This app is a fast and easy way to get an A+.

Explain Everything and Go Animate

Explain everything is an app that lets you present information. This lets you record your voice and add drawing and pictures.

Go Animate lets you make a cartoon. This will let you make you characters act out the information. This can also be just for fun.