CiT Resource Management 2.0

Open For Business!

Our Fine New Features:

Full transparency for the Individual

CiT Resource Management 2.0 has been designed to help Consultants find the best roles for them, and Project Managers find the right team:

- A One Stop-Shop called "Roles for Me" within your profile has been created to show you all the roles that are relevant to YOU!

- You will be notified instantly via e-mails and CiT alerts whenever someone suggests you for a role

- You can note down what you are looking for in your next role and any other comments you feel appropriate

- All Consulting roles will be posted and maintained within CiT

- Skills Matching has been enhanced to give a more accurate list of resources for a role a Project Manager is trying to fill

Wanna find out More?

Check the video out below for further info on other treats on offer: