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Model Schools Newsletter December 2019

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Make Hour of Code a lifelong passion with some free resources

Accessibility: Present with captions in Google Slides

Google Slides can now come with captions. Why captions, you ask? Yes, for those who need help with hearing, or maybe other reasons. What if the student was practicing their English or another language? Perhaps they were catching up on a Slides presentation and didn't have their headphones. There are many different reasons why visual prompts combined with auditory cues are a great combination. The blog article is below, if you would like to check it out.

Accessibility is great for many people, including those without a diagnosis. It might just make learning more accessible or comfortable for that particular learner.

Rocketbook OCR features? Yes!

Rocketbook has been used by more people, whether in education or in their personal lives to take notes or to stay organized. A major feature Rocketbook users wanted was OCR recognition. It is finally here.


## writing ##

If you put two pound signs around your title, the Rocketbook will automatically take your handwriting and turn it into your title.


It can search your handwritten notes in the app. (Make sure you write legibly and turn the feature on in the settings.)


It can embed a full transcription of your notes into an email. (Great for taking your notes and placing them into a myriad of other programs like Google/Microsoft...)

See the full video link here.

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