A Settlement of North America By: Keaton Bryson


The Pilgrims were determined to find a new place to live. When the Pilgrims settled in America they had to build everything. The Pilgrims had to plant and hunt their food to survive. Squanto taught the Pilgrims almost everything they know. That is how the United States of America was settled.

Settling in America

The Pilgrims came to America in hopes of having more religious freedom. They came to America because they wanted to explore,make money but most importantly for religious freedom. The Pilgrims came to America by a ship named the Mayflower that carried 102 passengers. They left England on September 6, 1620 and got to America on December 26, 1620. The first house built was the common house which was A (meeting house,hospital,storage and a church). By October 1621 there was 7 houses and more being built. This is how the Pilgrims started the new colonies.

Surviving in America

The Pilgrims survived in America with very limited amounts of supplies. One thing they survived with was there shelters. An average house was about 20 square feet. Also it only had one room and a attic the older kids had to usually sleep up in the attic. When the Pilgrims farmed,they planted corn,squash,nuts berries and beans. One day an indian named Samoset introduced the Pilgrims to Squanto an indian that can speak perfect english. When Squanto came the Pilgrims lives got a lot easier.

Squanto Helping the Pilgrims

Here are things that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims. A thing that Squanto did to help was he helped them build warm houses witch they lived in during the first year. He also taught them when to plant their corn crops. He told them to use fish as a fertilizer to help them grow rapidly. Squanto also advised the Pilgrims in their relations with the indians. He helped them make friends and guided them on trading expectations and gave advise when bargaining with the natives. Those are some of the many things that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims survive in America


The Pilgrims had a great life after they moved over to America. They got religious freedom like they wanted. They managed to make enough houses to live. They also they made a new friend. That is how America was created.