Li Gui

Family history

My Grandmother's life

My grandmother was born in Xinjiang. She is not really Chinese people. I think she has some other descent from west of Turkey. At the long time ago, the Mongolia nationality and the Manchu ruled China. Lot of Chinese women were sold as slaves. And my great great grandmother was sold in there too. And she was married with a person was a Huns. So my grandmother has a little descent from Huns.

My grandmother born in 1936 in Xinjiang. In 1941 was her first time went to school and she just studied 8 years. She can speak Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

In 1963, she was married and have a child. That is my uncle. And in 1973 my mother was born in Xinjiang too.

My grandmother’s work was a cloth merchants and my grandfather was a pharmacist. In Xinjiang lot of famous medicine was my grandfather made.

Now 2014, my grandmother live in Zhuhai with my aunt, my mother and I came to Teda Tianjin.

The East Turkistan Islamic Republic

In 1933 November, Sabit damolla and others established the "East Turkistan Islamic Republic" in Kashi, less than three months will collapse.