Eating Disorder

by Kaitlyn M.

A crazy amount of teenage girls today have self-esteem issues. They might think they're too fat, their nose is too big, etc etc. The dumb slop magazines are feeding them isn't really helping either. How many pages can you turn before you see an article or ad telling you how to be more thin or whatever? Sometimes you're bombarded with these picture perfect barbies from the front cover.
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Ok, so first off, lets look at this wonderful mess. This is talking about Kim K. freaking out over being fat while pregnant or something. Yes because some weight gain totally doesn't happen while you're pregnant because of hormones and all that jazz and it totally isn't normal or anything. Also, why does it say "Kim's 200-lb nightmare" up in the top? Are they saying she really weighs like 200 pounds? If shes supposed to be 200 pounds in that picture then that is some amazing nonsense yall are trying to feed people.
Magazines will use Photoshop all the time to make models look skinnier and prettier. I don't even know why; all of these girls looked fine before. These pictures are part of a worse case scenario where the Photoshop jobs are so bad you start getting some really weird errors.
This pictures are a pretty good example of how to be healthy. Like, you don't have to be bone thin to be considered beautiful ladies. If you really feel like you need to lose weight, ask your doctor or a professional to see what will work best for you. That's what I would recommend.