Classical Conversations Week 24

April 5, 2016


Student Topic Suggestion: Tell us about your favorite CC memory

Playtime Supervisors: Poulin & Dougan Families

Lunch Clean-Up Crew: Fulton Family

Afternoon Clean-up Crew: Niemeyer Family

Our newest Rochester director

I am very happy to announce our newest director in the Rochester area, our very own Kristin Rogers. Kristin, who has been one of our ABC tutors this year, will be directing the Rochester I group at Gethsemane Lutheran. Heather Hickman will be stepping back to focus on her new little son Thaddeus, adopted just a few months ago from Ghana Africa, but will continue to be a valued part of our groups. Kristin and her husband Karl have six year old twin girls, Sophia & Jocelyn, and a 22 month old little girl named Brielle. Kristin has amazing leadership and administrative skills and is very eager to begin her role as director. I know she will have a wonderful community this fall, although we will miss her family here at Emmanuel. Congratulations Kristin on your new role in CC!

Would you like to order a rock or mineral kit to study at home?

Cornerstone Educational Supply, owned and operated by another CC homeschooling family, is offering a coupon code for all CC families who might want to further geology studies. The link is below, and they have a nice variety of options.

Use coupon code ccrocks! to get 15% off of their geology kits, collections, and testing materials!

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Week 24 - Famous Composers - Review of Mozart

Our final six weeks of fine arts will focus on Famous Composers and the Orchestra. We will spend time learning about three famous composes from the Baroque and Classical time periods in history: Handel, Bach and Mozart. We will listen to some of their works, study instruments in the orchestra, and practice singing our Orchestra Song together.
Classical Music for Dummies - Audio Files for Parents

If you would enjoy listening again to the classical music we have studied this year in CC, you may use the enclosed link to download and play all three of our Cycle 1 Famous Composer music selections. This is a free download for all families.

Year end program

We have tentatively scheduled our year-end program for Tuesday, April 19th, pending approval from Emmanuel Church. We will plan to begin around 7 pm. Please feel free to invite friends and family to this event. We will also most likely try to serve some type of dessert - would anyone like to volunteer to help coordinate the refreshments for this event?

Our last day of class should be Tuesday, assuming we have no more snow days. Which I guess is still entirely possibly at this point! We are planning to celebrate with ice cream bars or fruit bars, following lunch. And then our Week 24 will end with a Faces of History presentation from our Essentials students in the afternoon. Please see the announcement below for more details.

I will also have available a variety of miscellaneous supplies left over from our year that I would like to send home with families. I will put them out on a table on Tuesday, and families are welcome to take whatever they might be able to use at home. These are mostly things that we won't use again or that I would need to store for three years before our next go through with Cycle 1, and I would much rather you all were able to fully benefit from your supply fee expense this year, than have it sitting in my garage.

We will be displaying our art and science projects from the past year at our year-end program, and then every student will be able to take home their completed projects at the close of the program. If you know you won't be able to attend the year-end program, please let me know so I can pull out all of your child's art and science projects for the year and send home with you on Tuesday.

faces of history event - Week 24

The Essentials tutors, Mrs. Young and I, would like to invite each of you to join our Essentials classes for their Faces of History event on Tuesday. We will be hosting this event in the sanctuary, and plan to begin around 1:15 pm, following lunch and recess. We would love to have you stay and celebrate with these 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, as they demonstrate the skills they have learned this year in class. They are looking forward to presenting in front of a larger group and we are so proud of each one of them and their accomplishments this year. We will also be serving refreshments following the presenting of the student's papers.
Classical Chats #7: What is Challenge IV?

2016-2017 Supply Fee & Tuition Payment Schedule

Just a quick note about the due dates for supply fees and tuition for next school year. Supply fees are due by May 1st and are as follows: $50 per Foundations student and $20 per Essentials student. Tuition is due by July 20th and is $335 per student in Foundations and $335 per student in Essentials. You are welcome to pay any of the fees before their due date, and you are also welcome to send payments to me throughout the next few months, up until July 20th, at which time any remaining balance is due. If you would like a simple spreadsheet for calculating a monthly payment option, please let me know.