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Student at OHI earning his certificate for completion of speech. He held up the certificate in front of his classmates and said, "Well, I guess I'll go to college now!"


PK-4 is on track to start its four-day-a-week model beginning Monday, April 19. Last night, based on the new three-foot distancing guidance from the Governor, DoH, CDC, and WHO, our school board approved moving grades 5-12 to four full days a week by the end of April. We’ve received approval from OSPI to wait and move to four full days a week for 5-12 beginning Monday, April 26. From April 12 to April 23 we will continue our current two-day hybrid instructional model for grades 5-12 (full-days in 5-6 and half-days in 7-12). This gives our 5-12 schools more time to prepare for the transition.


As a reminder, April 5-9 is Spring Break and our campuses will be closed during this week. We will not be serving meals during this week, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Meal service will resume on Monday, April 12.


Some days are more fun than others, which was the case for students in Mrs. Adamson's and Mrs. Harman's classes at Oak Harbor Intermediate School. These students met their goal of bringing in 300 cans for the school's food drive. The students were rewarded by throwing pies at their teacher's face!

The teachers did not know who the student would surprise with a pie in the face. Thank you to Mrs. Adamson, Mrs. Harman, and Mr. Walker for being great sports and providing our students with smiles, laughter, and fun! Check out these adorable photos.

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How do you drop an egg from almost 100 feet up without breaking it? Students from Olympic View Elementary School tested it out this week with the assistance of the Oak Harbor Fire Department! Kate Brodt, OHmazing OVE Choices teacher, organized this exciting STEM activity with 10 classes participating and several more observing both in-person and virtually. Many of the eggs survived. Some did not. Much was learned in the process!


This week Oak Harbor High School gave seniors a brief glimpse into what’s in store for them for the remaining days of their high school careers! The Senior Farewell Tour will be an exciting four-week extravaganza celebrating our special seniors.

If you want to help out the senior class, the Grad Night Boosters are fundraising by “Flocking Yards” with flamingos and selling flower bowls. If you’re interested in supporting, please contact Senior parents are encouraged to join the Grad Night Boosters group to learn more about the exciting, fabulous, and more importantly safe Grad Night Celebration for our seniors.

Please note, This Grad Night is not sponsored by the school district.
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