Technical Service Engineer

EMP1 Booklet

Specific attribute required

Systems OS such as Solaris, Red Hat, and Microsoft (Windows 2003/2008 Server, RHEL 5 and 6, Solaris 10) – this is a specific skill that is required for this specific job role and would be valued by an employer because the company themselves use these operating systems regularly so it only makes sense that a successful candidate is familiar and has experience with these systems. This is probably the most important skill required for this role because if a candidate is not familiar with any of these systems, it is pretty much pointless in them applying as they will not have the required skills to be able to complete this job. Also as an employer if somebody was not familiar with these systems then they would be more inclined to hire somebody else with this knowledge as they will be better suited for the job.

General attributes required

Communication skills – this is a skill the will be valued by an employer a lot because you will need to be able to communicate clearly internally and externally. This means the communication to the team members as well as the customer / client should be clear and expressed in a way that everybody can understand and a way that also shows good team skills and good customer service skills. If you are unable to communicate effectively with your team or your clients then an employer will be more inclined to choose somebody else.

Customer service skills – this is a vital skill required for this job. This is because you are dealing with customers directly and it is important to be educated in this area. As a business it is important to maintain a good level of customer satisfaction.

Attitude or Soft Skill Required

Friendly / approachable – this is a vital skill for this specific job and is going to be valued by the employer as you are communicating with clients on a regular basis so they should feel comfortable to approach you so they can talk to you to find out more about the situation, how you are getting on with the job etc. If you do not come across as friendly or approachable then you will not be suited to this role as you will be unable to show a good level of customer service.