Yale Team is Going on a Field Trip!

Look Park

At the End of the School Year...

...the Yale Team will be going on a field trip to Look Park in Northampton, MA. The cost of the field trip will be $10 and will cover admission to the park and bus fees. We've reserved the day of June 5, 2014, with a rain date of June 12, 2014. Students should plan on bringing their own lunch or ordering one from school, students who receive free or reduced lunch will order a lunch from the cafeteria. The cost of the field trip does cover the use of the paddle boats, the train, and the various diamonds and courts available. There is a snack bar should children wish to bring money, but no guarantee that it will be open while we are there.

What's Next?

What Do I Need to Do?

Nothing right now. We're sending this flyer out as early as we can so that people can put it in their calendars of upcoming events. We all know how busy and hectic the spring can be, and we would like to help make this a successful field trip. Keep your eyes peeled for permission slips which will include lunch order forms, and the district permission slip which requires insurance information, and if not completely filled out may result in your child missing the trip.

Fairview Veterans Memorial Middle School Yale Team

Any questions? Contact us any of the ways below and we'd be happy to get back to you!