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Hello, Friend!

My name is Paige Littlefield, and I'm the Innovative Learning Coach for Norman High School, Lincoln Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, and Dimensions Academy. Welcome to my coaching newsletter! I hope it helps you to get a clearer picture of how I can help you and your students this school year.

A few things to know about me- this is my tenth year in education, all of which I've spent in Norman Public Schools. I worked for five years as an eighth grade Language Arts teacher at Whittier Middle School, and for the past four years as well as this one, I've been an Innovative Learning Coach. I love professional development and continue to pursue it shamelessly. It's a great privilege to now be able to bring professional learning experiences to my colleagues in Norman Public Schools.

I would love to work together in any way that would be beneficial for you and your students. If you're interested in continuous collaboration, make me a stop on your growth plan this year!

What can I do for you?

Collaboration and Support

I can work with you to plan differentiated instruction that supports your curriculum objectives while being active and engaging for students. After planning together, I can spend time in your classroom demonstrating, co-teaching, and serving as an extra pair of eyes and hands while you try new things with your students!

Technology Integration

I can search for new tools and strategies and provide training for you, your team, or your department. We can work together to implement that technology in authentic and meaningful ways. We also have an extensive digital playground in Norman Public Schools, and I would love to bring some or all of it to you and your students.

Instructional Coaching

I would love to use a coaching cycle to help you grow your instructional practice. Through observation and data collection, we can set goals that are teacher-centered and learner-driven. We'll work together to implement strategies that will enhance student learning by reaching those goals, and we'll review progress towards the goals and plan next actions for instruction.

The Coaching Cycle

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