Life Before The Constitution

Banker/ Merchant

I am a prosperous banker and merchant. I live in New york, and I make most of my money by providing loans to other people and getting paid an interest on those loans. Things have been difficult for a little while now because many state legislatures have passed laws allowing people that owe money to pay their debts with anything that has value like corn, tobacco , and animals. I feel like this problem wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for the poor people that now get to vote. I am get very frustrated because last time the courts met in Massachusetts , the courts were closed down because of Daniel Shays and other poor people with guns and knives and clubs. They must be stopped before things get worse for everyone. The good news is that I have brought up thousands of dollars of government bonds from people that were given these instead of money in the revolution, so for every dollar they give me in bonds i give them 10 cents.
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I am a shoemaker. I live in Manchester, New York . Times are rough right now, I work in a small shop where I get paid according to the number of shoes I make, I have my own tools but I am in debt of $50 because I had to buy my own tools after the Revolutionary war ended. I figured that money would be easy to repay because our state government was issuing paper money so it would be easy for ordinary working people to buy things. But things haven't been working out as I expected. In 1786