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June 10-16, 2021 Irit Dulman -atelier Fiberfusing

advanced techniques on cellulose

In this 7 day masterclass you will learn botanical printing many advanced techniques in combination of different natural dyes on cellulose fabrics as cotton, viscose and linen.

Please be aware that due to Covid 19 this class is tentative. It depends on the ability to travel.

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In the first part of the class Irit will teach you the fundamental aspect of my botanical printing technique for cellulose. She will teach you how to mordant your fabrics in an innovative way that will allow you to use the mordant as a creative tool and to obtain different results according to your wish. We will experiment with two different mordants and their variations. You will learn how to bundle in different ways to obtain clear and sharp print on the natural background and on dyed backgrounds with different tannins.

After you have practiced the fundamental you will than be ready to add more fun to the work by dyeing the fabrics with different natural dyes. This will expend the results and the possibilities that are achieved so far. You will learn how to get a discharge effect among other effects and we will explore the relationships between a solid color obtained in the dye pot with the colors of the printing plant.

We will work with 5 dyes: weld (reseda), logwood, cochineal and madder and with Indigo.

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About Irit Dulman

Irit Dulman works in her studio in Givatayim, just outside TLV, but her inspiration seems to lack borders of time and place. Her colours, textures and designs are sensually bold, seductive, introvert as well as daring. There is nothing obvious in her work, for it has it’s own reason and feminine insight


All workshops are being taught in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

disclamer : Images are not exemplary of products that will be exactly made by participants

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