Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Eruption

By: Dillon Clement

Interesting facts

1. After the Eruption 20 people were the only ones that weren't hurt.

2. After the eruption there was an earthquake that made lots of rubble fall.

3. When the eruption happened, people were screaming and running everywhere. While the people were running everywhere a child was pushed over and when a person came to save the child ash and rubble came down on top of them.

Death Count

Ash is bad

The death count was 25,000 people. That is the exact count! All of the people missing were either found dead or claimed dead. The reason that many people died was because of the ash.
Big image
These bones were dug up after the ash settled and the volcano stopped erupting.
The destruction of homes was bad, two villages that were beside the volcano were destroyed and one was halfway destroyed.