The Monkeys Paw

By W.W. Jacobs


The Monkeys Paw is about a guy gets a magical monkeys paw. The paw allows him to have three wishes granted, but a price must be paid. Even after hearing the warning he wishes for 200 pounds. The next day he gets the 200 pounds but for the cost of his sons life. His wife makes him wish their son back to life. Little did they know that he wasn’t going to come back the same. The man uses the last wish to send his son away.


Challenge Connection (How does the story connect to the idea of challenge?)

The challenge is that Mr. White wants the wishes but has to pay for them.


Characterization (Describe each & analyze how the characters’ qualities influence the resolution.

Protagonist- The protagonist is Mr. White and he uses the last wish to make his son (that is back from the dead) to go away because his son is a evil force, not the son he knew.

Antagonist- The antagonist is the monkeys paw and it grants the wish but not how Mrs. White pictured it to be.


Theme (Explain the theme and analyze how the characters’ qualities influence the theme. Consider the connection to the idea of challenge.)

I think that the theme is to always think about a warning. Mr. White hears the warning but doesn’t care and cost him his sons live.

Other Connections (What connections can you make to other stories, your own personal life, people you know, current events, something you have studied in other classes, etc.?

When I went camping my mom shared this story and I thought it would be cool to analyze the story because I already knew a little bit about it.