dead or alive

Edward Thatch A.K.A. Blackbeard

Early days

Little is known of Edward Thatch's early life, including his exact name: other spellings of his last name include Thatch, Theach and Thach. He was born in Bristol sometime around 1680. . According to Captain Charles Johnson, one of the most important sources for information on Blackbeard, Teach distinguished himself during the war but did not receive any significant command.

How career began

Blackbeard became a Pirate on joining the crew on a privateering ship sailing out of Jamaica during the War of the Spanish Succession. He became a seaman when he later served on a Jamaican ship and eventually became a captain.

Place last seen

he was last  sighted  off the coast of N.C.

physical description

Blackbeard was described as tall and fairly muscular, with a (possibly braid) black beard and black hair. His eye color is blue.


Him and his crew close all the hatches in the hold, ignite some sulfur and black powder and see who can stand the smokey hell the longest.


killing, stealing, torturing, you know the normal stuff.


Leaky ships, Spaniards, Royal Navy men-of-war, uncharted sandbars


New Providence

Wanted for

Murder and theft