Young's Newsletter

January 6, 2014

Weekly Notes

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great break with their families. We are getting right back in the swing of things working on idioms, cliches, quotation marks, and continuing to work on the Polar Project - now taking a view from the present.

To increase accountability with students' reading at home, I am using the SRI quizzes students take after they finish reading a book and assigning a grade based on how many they pass.

The criteria is as follows:

Books read must be close to your reading level or be approved by Mr. Young or Ms. Whip. If you read a book and there is not an SRI Feedback Quiz, please let Mr. Young know so he can create a quiz for you to receive credit. For a book to count, you must pass a quiz.

100% - 8 or more books

95% - 7 books

90% - 6 books

85% - 5 books

80% - 4 books

75% - 3 books

70% - 2 books

65% - 1 book

0% - 0 books

Book Reports are being presented this week. ________________ 's presentation is on _____________


  • Math - daily
  • Spelling - due Friday
  • Reading - total of 100 minutes