Puritans & The Ten Commandments

The Crucible

How They Lived & The Rules

  • The Puritans were a very strict group of people who had their own set of rules to live by.
  • They had a 10 rules that are similar to the Ten Commandments but differ by a lot.
  • They also followed the Ten Commandments but also followed their own rules.
  • They couldn't dance or sing, or even decorate their house. Kids could not show emotion or play with toys.
  • They couldn't have an opinion that doesn't agree with the entire community.
  • They had severe consequences for anyone who breaks those rules, which is being hanged or banished.
  • People who even tried to threaten the world were either banished into the woods or were killed, sometimes accused of witchcraft.
  • Puritans had very strong beliefs in the Bible and their lifestyle was limited and strict.