Gold Rush in 2015

By Russ Hefel

Parker Schnabel

Have you ever seen gold in your life because Parker Schnabel gets to sees it all day in his life? Parker Schnabel was born in 1994 in Alaska. He has one younger brother. Parker took over his grandfather, John Schnabel gold mine when he was only sixteen years old. The mine is called Big Nugget Mine and is considered legendary in Alaska. They use the mine Big Nugget Mine witch is there primary mine.

They also have a secondary that is called Smith Creek Cut. They made it because it because Parker filed to find gold in the third season. Parker and his brother grew up working in the mine with their grandfather. Parker used his own college money when they were struggling with the mine. Parker intends to study geology or mining studies when he does go to college.

Currently Parker is running the mine which he oversees thirteen people who are older than he is. He owns $1.2 million in equipment. In the past four mining seasons, Parker produced $5.6 million dollars. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports like basketball and pooping on his brother at night when he’s sleeping.

Big Nugget Mine

The Big Nugget Mine is located in Haines, Alaska. It was founded by John Schnabel, Parker's Grandpa, in the 1960's. The Schnabel family found a lot of gold mining there for years. They said that they wont give up until the gold is all gone and when its done they will just go down the creek more to the Smith Creek cut.

At the Big Nugget Mine there is a lot of wild life such as bears, moose, ducks, dear, has over 430 species of birds, the largest population of bald eagles in the nation, and the largest carnivorous land mammal in the world. The climate there is usually -20 to high 60's.

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Top Ten Gold Mines!

#10 | Obuasi | 29,830,000 Oz Gold

#9 | CADIA EAST | 37,600,000 Oz Gold

#8 | MPONENG | 39,557,000 Oz Gold

#7 | PUEBLO VIEJO | 40,085,000 Oz Gold

#6 | OYU TOLGOI | 46,340,000 Oz Gold

#5 | OLYMPIADA | 47,500,000 Oz Gold

#4 | MURUNTAU | 50,000,000 Oz Gold

#3 | LIHIR | 64,100,000 Oz Gold

#2 | SOUTH DEEP | 81,413,000 Oz Gold

#1 | GRASBERG | 106,231,000 Oz Gold