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December 1, 2015

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Google Apps: A Great Combination of Tools

In this edition of the Taylor ISD DuckLink, we will share several tips all about Google Apps for Education. Our recent tech survey revealed that the vast majority of employees want to learn more about Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Google Classroom. We hope you will learn some great things and pass them on to others.

*This video may be helpful if you know very little about Google Apps for Education other than Gmail.


  1. Vacation Responder- Go to Settings (gear icon), scroll down to Vacation Responder, select a date and type a response.
  2. Undo Send- Enable this feature by going to Settings and click Save Changes.
  3. Setup Your Signature- Go to Settings and scroll down to Signature. Type a signature and click Save Changes.
  4. Select multiple emails at a time- Hold down the Shift key and check the box for the first message, then click the box beside the last message in the series. This will select all the emails in the range.

Learn more at https://goo.gl/StVLjK


  1. Create Docs from a Template- Go to File>New>From Template.
  2. Use a Doc as a web page- Go to File>Publish to the Web. Includes and option to require a Taylor ISD Google account to view.
  3. Voice Typing- Go to Tools>Voice Typing and simply speak what you want typed in the document.
  4. Revision History- Go to File>See Revision History to see all the various revisions of the document and who made them.
  5. Suggestion Feature- Share a file with someone and have them make suggestions for revisions using this feature.

Learn more at https://goo.gl/IETYeE


  1. Create Sheets from a Template- Go to File>New>From Template.
  2. Use a Sheet as a web page- Go to File>Publish to the Web. Includes and option to require a Taylor ISD Google account to view.
  3. Notification Rules- Go to Tools>Notification Rules to setup when to be notified when others change data in the spreadsheet.
  4. Add-ons- Check out these great add-on. Power Tools / Autocrat / Flubaroo

Learn more at https://goo.gl/yOgYSU


  1. New Themes- Check out the recently updated themes.
  2. Slide Carnival- Gain some inspiration from some of these templates.
  3. Poll Everywhere- Add the extension and integrate polls in your Google Slides.

Learn more at https://goo.gl/HWlsf4


  1. Track Activity- Click the "i" icon in the top right corner to view all activity.
  2. Create Files Using Keyboard Commands (see below)

Learn more at https://goo.gl/fgfjwr

Big image


  1. Share to Classroom Extension- Go the Chrome Web Store here https://goo.gl/0AZdwI and install the extension. When you are browsing a site that you want to include in Classroom simply click the icon. You can either make it an assignments, announcements, or simply prompt students to open the particular website if they are using Chrome at that time.
  2. Pear Deck Integration- You can turn on the Google Classroom Add-on and invite your Classroom class to join your Pear Deck presentation. Your students can even get Chrome Notifications when you invite them.

Learn more at https://goo.gl/lXp5Q2

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