RES Staff Update

May 20-24, 2019

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Staffing for Next Year

Staffing Updates:

Here is information about our latest new hires.

Tara Hosea (PPCD)-Hello! My name is Tara Hosea. I am ecstatic to join the PPCD team at A. Robison this year. This will be my 1st year teaching. I have been a paraprofessional with CFISD for ten years. My husband’s name is Craig and we have two children. Our daughter Syler will be going into 4th grade and our son Cayden will be going into 3rd grade. I was born and raised in Texas and love to barbecue every weekend with my family and friends. I love making shirts in my free time and having movie and popcorn nights with my children. I am looking forward to what the new year brings!

Stephanie Guevara (4th)-My name is Stephanie Guevara. I am so very excited to be a Rocket next school year! I will be a 4th-grade math teacher. I am currently finishing my 6th year in Katy ISD as a 3rd-grade math and science teacher. I have a passion for math and a love of teaching. I have a wonderful husband who teaches photography at Bridgeland High School and a lovely little 4-month-old daughter who attends the Cy-Fair Early Learning Center. I am excited to make the transition to Cy-Fair so we can be a Cy-Fair Family! I enjoy traveling to Michigan to see my family and spending time outdoors. I look forward to the coming year!

Missing Science Items

If you've used any science materials, please take a look at this list of missing items. We need these to be returned on Monday. Thank you!

Reminder to be Vigilant and Visible

Please help to make safety a priority these last 2 weeks of school. Let's all be vigilant and visible during morning arrival (teachers with classrooms along the hallway should be standing in the hallway greeting and monitoring students). During recess and lunch, please be extra vigilant to spread out and monitor.

If you are on bus, car rider duty, or breakfast duty, please be sure to arrive on time. During end-of-day duties, please stay to monitor until your duty is completed.

I appreciate everyone doing everything possible to keep our students safe!

End-of-Year Awards and Parties

Parents are invited to the awards celebrations for Pre-K through 4th grade. They are not invited to the parties during large group. Only volunteers may attend the large group parties. Your end-of-year checklist has your large group times posted; however, the schedule below, which was given to parents, does not include those times. We did not want them to be confused and think they could attend.

I met with PTO on Friday, and we are going to eliminate the snack from the awards assemblies. since the kids will get Kona ice that day during large group. I think this will make it easier for everyone, and I'm sure our custodians will appreciate it. Please be sure to have a plan for awards. You'll probably want to talk as a team about your plans. This should be a special time for students to be recognized with academic awards and personal awards.

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The 2019-2020 calendar planning meeting will take place on May 22. This should be attended by one grade level representative (usually the team leader), all large group teachers, and all administrators. Please be sure to give your representative your input for this meeting. If your grade level has requests for specific dates, please be sure to share those; however, please have back-up plans due to the number of events that must be scheduled. We want to do everything possible to avoid events in May. There are already so many events taking place (STAAR, end-of-year parties, 5th-grade awards, etc.). We don't want to purposely add events to this very busy time of year.

If you are attending this meeting, please register for course #10307. The meeting will take 2 hours (4:30 to 6:30 pm). If you are unable to attend for the full two hours, please ask someone to attend in your place.

Reminders for This Week-Please refer to End-of-Year Checklist above for extra detail & items due


3rd & 4th Science DPM

Yearbooks delivered

Gerletti (Zoom meeting at 10:15)

Retirement Party (4:15 pm)


Pajama Day (Students may pay $1 & all money goes to scholarship fund). Staff may wear PJ's too.

CPOC Meeting (7:45 am)

3rd & 4th Science DPM

Yearbooks delivered

Knight @ Meeting (8-4)


Poetry Picnic (2nd grade @ 11:05 am)

Calendar Meeting for 2019-2020 (4:15 pm)


**Last day for lunch visitors**

Gerletti @ DLT

Students sign yearbooks during large group

Meet and Greet for 2019-2020 staff (4:30 pm)


5th Grade Celebration at Urban Air & Luncheon

College Spirit Day

Garden Day (2nd)

Calendar Updates

Monday, June 3

  • Math training with Garland (PK & K: 8:30-11:30 and 1st: 12:30-3:30)

Tuesday, June 4

  • Club Rewind Program begins at Robison
  • Math training with Garland (2nd: 8:30-11:30 and 3rd: 12:30-3:30)

Wednesday, June 5

  • Math training with Garland (5th: 8:30-11:30 and 4th: 12:30-3:30)

Staff Dress for the Week

JEANS! Shirts should be appropriate--no t-shirts, except on spirit day. Shoes should be professional as well--not tennis shoes or flip flops (unless you have a coupon).

Please continue to honor spirit days on Fridays with our Robison spirit shirt or College Spirit Day (May 24).

Professional Development

2018-2019 Master Calendar

You will receive a paper copy of this. Please make sure to check the Staff Update each week for any changes.