The Slayer Chronicles: First Kill

by Billy Ampofo

Plot Overview

In the exposition of this story we meat the young ten year old Joss McMillan the protagonist of the story who is abnormally stronger and faster than most kids his age, and because of this he separates himself from all the other kids in his neighborhood and at school. He has a little sister who he loves and adores, but one night she is murdered by a vampire. The rising action occurs when Joss is visited by his Uncle Abraham who explains to him that he is abnormal because because he is part of a Slayer Society. The conflict in this story is an external conflict because Joss wants it kill the vampire who murdered his sister to be able to put her soul to rest and stop her soul from haunting him. The climax of the story occurs when Joss finds out the traitor the traitor of the society was Sirus the antagonist pf the story and the only slayer who had cared for him when he first came to the academy. The falling action occurs as Joss is officially inducted into the society and he finally feels as if he can put his sisters soul to rest. The resolution is occurs when Joss is visited by a man from the society who gives him a wooden stake and an assortment of different slayer items.

Theme of Story

The theme of this book is that as long as you believe in yourself you can do whatever you set your mind to. You can see this theme develop in this story as Joss goes through the death of his sister and develops a guilt that weighs him down and holds him back from his true potential. As the story continues the reader sees that this side of Joss changes as he slays vampires he begins to believe in himself and unlocks his full ability through training, persistent, and self motivation at the Slayer Society's training camp. The internal conflict that Joss has is that he believes that his sister's soul is haunting him and because of this he is emotional weak and unstable and is seen as unfit to live the life of a slayer, but he develops and goes through more trails he shed that guilt and begins to feel as if he is no longer alone.


Joss's motivation was to train and become a true slayer, so that he could avenge his younger sister. This is the driving force in the story because this allows Joss to not only overcome his emotional obstacles, but for him to also overcome the rigorous training in the academy. This motivation also contributes to the story's theme because the theme of the story is that if you set your mind on any goal you could achieve it. Joss's motivation is what makes this theme possible because his drive and determination to succeed is what keeps him going through out all the trails and hard ships, his sister is his motivation and he will do anything it takes to appease her soul even if it destroys him.

Personal Review

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) I would rate this as 7.2 because it was a good story and i enjoyed the plot, the concept, and the content, but its just not a well written story. I enjoyed the material and how the story was very engaging, it allowed me not only understand Joss's feeling and emotions, but for me to also connect and relate to how he felt throughout the story. I also liked that the plot was very simple and easy to follow, it flowed thoroughly and had a great moral to send to characters. I disliked the fact that Joss continuously blamed himself for something that wasn't his fault. Joss also always seemed depressed, and for a thirteen year old it isn't believable that a child of his age could just continuously contain that amount of emotion. The plot also sometimes left wholes and had not elaborated on previous topics that were hinted upon. This book was also not at my reading level and was sometimes dull and too easy to read.
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