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Keely Turner an old women well known to our community, saw two teenagers running into an old ugly house, filled with cobwebs. Now why on earth would they go in there for fun? Who knows! See obviously, the regulators are not doing their job very well because kids whom are not a match are sneaking into houses doing ungodly things I am sure! Lena is a sweet girl, but that Hanna and her new little "boyfriend" are too outgoing and will get her into trouble. These children need their procedures or else teens will keep running wild with their "true loves"!

"If love is the enemy, then I don't want to be its friend"

Delirium is a must see movie! Drama, love, action, and thrill all in one! When a young girl Lena Halloway, who is all about getting her procedure meets her true love Alex, her world is flipped upside down. Can she handle the danger and lies she must tell to keep him? Lies, Betrayl, and an unbreakable love! How far would you go to be with your true love?
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Help Wanted! We Are Going Against All Procedures! We Want Real Love!

If you are tired of waking up everyday feeling like you have no control over your feelings or your life then come with us to protest against the procedure! We will not be told who and what to love and we will not quit doing what we like to do because it is "ungodly"! Having parties, girlfriends and/or boyfriends, and staying out past 10 o'clock is what we want to do and it is what we will do! These are our lives and feelings and they have no right to mess with them! I know I want love and freedom and I know that ya'll do to, so band against these procedures and love whoever you want and be yourself!
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A young boy about 17, was found shot by the fence while running to the Wilds. Reporters say he was with his lover Lena Halloway, but our procedure papers say otherwise. The procedure papers place Lena with someone else, but apparently they have been seeing each other since the day of Lena's procedure. That is why we have the procedure, because youngsters get involved in these lovey-dovey situations and one ends up dead. Regulators are still looking for this Lena Halloway but have evidence that she has ran off into the Wilds. They also believe that young boy Alex was an Invalid from the Wilds. So now our community is on lock down and we are giving procedures out everyday. We give our condolences to Alex's family, unless they're in the Wilds unable to get this news.