Pink Posharita Update

Week of Sunday December 20th - Saturday December 26th


TEAM/COMPANY GOAL $22,000 / $7, 611

NEW MEMBER GOAL 15 / 8 to go!


Have a plan to get some post-holiday sales!

***Remind people that they will need to de-stress and pamper after all of the craziness of the holidays! Maybe they traveled or overindulged and that wreaked havoc on their skin- have some product recommendations in mind!

***Maybe do an inventory sale- sell off some of your stock so then you can turn around and buy some newer items in January!

Another great idea is to host a mystery-hostess party!

Anyone who orders will be entered to win the hostess perks points!

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January = New Year, New Business

A great way to start the New Year off strong would be with some sales right? Or maybe even some new team members! This week and next week would be a great time to "Posh" all of the friends and family you meet up with! And tell them you love reviews- and you'd appreciate one on your Facebook page or in your Facebook group! Or even random people like your bank teller, or the cashier at the grocery store, or your daughter's dance teacher! You never know who could end up being your best customer...just make sure to always include a business card too! Getting Posh on people is one of the best ways to get a sale!

Also, offer samples to people online- Facebook friends might have some more downtime during these next 2 weeks- which means they'll be more likely to see your post and then more likely to want to try Posh because they actually have time! I would put a limit of 5 or 10! Or maybe do a referral contest- the person who refers the most people to you for samples will win a small prize! As Sarah says... "People like free sh*t" ;)

Remember my Pink Posharita Incentive this month! Everyone is eligible!

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Pink Posharitas are all Perfectly Posh consultants that are downline of Maddie Jaime, Premier Perfectly Posh Consultant.