Hellenism Jewelry

By: Kyla Brewington

The Type Of Jewelry

The type of jewelry they made in the Hellenism Period were earrings, necklaces, armbands, pendants, hair ornaments, and rings. In this time period they had made many types of jewelry, there are other types of jewelry they had made like pins, wreaths, thigh bands, and many more.

How it Was Made?

Bracelets were made in the shape of spirals and often came in matching pairs. The hoop earring below with a lion head was created by making the body out of thin gold wires around a tapered gold core. Then the earring is fastened by hooping the hook into the hoop in the lion's mouth. Many earrings were made like this, with gold wiring.
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What Is It Made Of ?

The Style

For some of the jewelry it had animal or humans heads designs. It was common for the the head to be upside-down and facing the ear. But, later on they had changed it so the head would be facing the person looking at the earrings, not the person wearing them.
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