Watershed and Ocean Ecosystems

informational s'more poster By Genna Murphy,Bushman 7th

Oil spills

oil spills are very harmful to all marine animals and kill thousands, The largest oil spill in history killed 4,500 animals. 20 million gallons were poured into the oceans. But thanks to Oil spill volunteers opportunities they help injured animals and clean the oil out of the oceans. Without the help from the volunteers, there would be less species and more endangered.

Toxic Waste

Toxic waste is chemicals poured into the ocean, The chemicals are beginning to kill many marine animals, which also threatens human health as well. Toxic waste is chemicals that are poured down the drain injuring and killing many animals. On the bright side humans can use toxic less, toxic use reduction. When people stop using less toxic waste, then it will be less likely for marine animal species to die out.

Marine pollution caused by fertilizers

Fertilizer marine pollution are ferilizers not meant for the oceans. The pollution from fertilizers cause dead zones. Dead zones are zones in the water with barely any oxygen which suffocates many fish. On the other hand, there are positives from this. There are ocean friendly fertilizers which are eco friendly and can be found in the ocean a lot. The fertilizers are good for the ocean and do NOT kill animals.
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Overfishing is when people go in ships into the ocean and throw big nets into the ocean trapping hundreds of fish. It is possible for fish to get out but that isn't even the worst part, Some parts of the nets float in around in the oceans where the fish get in caught in or even choke and die. But there are laws in some states or towns limiting people, conserving wild fisheries laws which prevent people to overfish
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carbon emissions

Carbon emissions are gas from cars that are very bad for the ocean, animals and even just the air. The gases pollute the air and can kill an animal in an instant. But thanks to car emissions test they check the cars and make sure the cars are not releasing these gases into the air.
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