Room 3 News

Week of September 16-20, 2013

What We Will Be Learning!

*Language Arts Unit 1: Week 3 – Growing Up

-Vocabulary: change, learn, adult, imitate, practice

- Grammar/Conventions: Punctuation (.?!)

-Spelling Words: pin, win, hit, sit, miss, kiss, spin, skin, be, run Review: sad, nap

- Skill: Sequence of events

* Writing- Narrative: Autobiographical

*Math- we continue to count objects, compare numbers (using less, more, same) and story problems.

Above you can see the first graders that were awarded a Barnes and Noble gift card for reading over the summer! Congratulations to Marcos, Hailey and Riley from Room 3. If you click on the picture you can see an enlarged version.

Important Information

-The district is in the process of setting up Compass Learning, Raz-Kids, and Dreambox. When it’s available I will let you know.

-The ipad covers have arrived and we should start using our ipads during the week.

-Please sign up to receive SSF’s weekly flyers. Go to: to sign up.

-Monday, 2 books in a clear, plastic envelope went home:

*These envelopes need to go back and fourth from school to home EVERY night!

*New books will come home each night unless the plastic envelope wasn’t returned that day.

*Remember, these books have been read several times at school and should be easy. I want to build their confidence, fluency and learn to LOVE reading.

*If your child has an H leveled book or higher & it has AR written inside the front cover, they will be taking an AR test on this book. Make sure they read it a few times, then they need to tell me they are ready to take the test. A printout will go home telling you how they did.

*If they don't bring back the envelope they will not take new books home that day. If they loose a book, it costs $10.00 to replace.

*Last week the children started support classes. They went to Media Center, PE, Art and Music. I still need a volunteer to help out in Media Center (Mondays @1:10pm) and Art on Fridays at 11:30 am.