By: Sarthak Singh

Perseverance definition

Perseverance is defined in many ways, my definition is the ability to fight against your ADVERSITY'S to be RESILIENT and achieve your goals.

Robby makes the world more awesome (Description)

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President a famous YouTube star. He is an RESILIENT and ongoing kid. He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. This disease makes the bones in your body very weak and can break at any time. A person who has this can get bone fractures just randomly. Robbie (Kid President) has had about 80 bone breaks in his lifetime and even after that makes YouTube videos and does anything a normal kid can do. He isn't the only one who has this disease in his family. His sister has this disease also but has suffered more, his sister has had 14 surgeries and 80 bone breaks. One time Robby was riding a bike with his sister and and his sister broke a bone and they both crashed, his sister said she would get back onto a bike and so did Robby. Kid president has shown that he is no different from anybody else and nothing brings him down. Today Robby has over 23 million views and 1.5 millions subscribers on YouTube as a inspirational speaker. As Kid President said “make the world more awesome.”

A Great Wide adversity (Cause and Effect)

"The Great Wide Sea" is the story of the three kids who have faced adversities, they went through very challenging and difficult stages of their lives but never gave up and eventually made it to their goal. This is a story about a family with three kids ages 17,13 and 7 years old. During a car accident the mom lost her life throwing the dad into depression. As a result he decides to sell the house and go sailing for a whole year. He sold the house and bought a sailboat.The action taken by the dad made the kids very angry and the relationship between them got broken. Therefore the father disappears leaving the kids alone in the Great Wide Sea. Now it was a time for the kids to make a decision: overcome this adversity or give up. With their great will and courage they were to able to beat the fear, danger and get to the land safely.

Jackie Robinson (Sequence)

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Carroll academy (Compare and Contrast)

In Carroll county there is a school which is a boarding school, this is for students who have been kicked out of normal school or a court of law had told the child to go there. Here in the school there is a basketball team for girls only called the Lady Jags the girls part of this team have all had many issued and adversities in their life such as alcoholic parents. In this county they have a poverty rate of 19.6% and a 12.3 unemployment rate. This Lady Jags have not had good games with a 212 losing streak and have only won 6 games out of the 14 years the team has been running, this didn't boost moral of the players and losing wasn't because they didn't train hard some of them have never played basketball in their life. Despite all these drawbacks they never give up and always play. The coach of the team was also a student at the boarding school and he knows the struggle the girls are going through and always motivates the girls. All these girls play on the team until they have paid their dues to the school. These girls in the video showed perseverance and resilience because they never gave up even after all the difficulties and all eventually made it out of boarding school to normal school.

If you were is there shoes what would you do, you might give up on sports because of all the losses, you might not be determined to win you will loose moral but these girls didn't. They are much different than any normal athletes these girls don't give up always keep going and bounce back from normal situations.

A Carp Gives A Lesson in Perseverance (problem Solution)

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In the story a Carp is struggling to get food in the cold winter day and is doing anything possible to overcome his adversity. The carp had RESOLVE, he stuck firmly to the opinion that he was going to get that food.


When listening to stories about other overcoming challenges in there life I think we can all learn from them. When we hear stories about someone who did something heroic it motivates us to do the same. We can all learn from these people how to deal with our problems the same ways they did.