All About ME

Abby Riggs

10 descriptive words that fit me:

  • Balanced
  • Athletic
  • Sarcastic
  • Shyish
  • patient
  • independent
  • passionate
  • Respectful
  • enthusiastic
  • positive

3 Images That Signify ME:

4 Images That Show Who I Am:

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3 Of My Hobbies

Biggest Influences On Me

Two of the biggest influences on me are my parents because they push me to do my best and don't let me give up on myself.They also don't judge my choice on what I want to be in the future.

Favorite Book And Movie

My favorite movie is Central Intelligence because I love comedy movies and it was a really funny movie.

My favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars.

My Favorite Quote

It makes life a lot easier to understand and it makes it okay if you didn't become what you wanted to be.
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A Poem That Suits Me

This poem suits me because it makes a lot of since to me and I can understand what it is saying.
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Places That I Have Been To That Have An Impact On ME

I have been to Honduras and Jamaica on a cruise. When I got there I felt sorry for everyone because they don't really live in a (what we know as middle class) country. I feel it had impact on me because it makes me feel bad about having most of the things that we need.Also I went to Belize on a cruise and it was just nasty and a dirty place but I felt bad for them cause they don't have everything that we have.

My dreams/Aspirations

My dream is to become a Neonatal Nurse or Obstetrician-Gynecologist because I want to help babies who can't help them selves at times.Also I really love working with babies or small children.My main goal no matter what is to help the babies no matter if it is between life or death.
Never Give Up - Basketball Animated Short.flv

A Video That Signifies Who I Am

Lecrae - All I Need Is You (Lyric Video)

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