Articles of Confederation

Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the Articles of Confederation?

The articles of confederation are writings that told the American states how much power they held, along with what amount of power the overall government held. These articles were a failed attempt however because they gave too much power to the states, and not enough to the country's government, making the states almost into their own country.

Advantages of The articles of confederation

The Articles of confederation gave the states extra power and ability, as well as giving

them the ability to almost be their own nations. This also gave the nation a unified army that was easy to control. It also set up a legislature where each state had its own vote. The Articles also made it easy to deal with other countries on behalf of the states.

Disadvantages of the articles of confederation

The Articles of confederation lessened the power of the overall government, and allowed the state-governments too many privileges. This applies to taxes, where a state could give great amounts of tax because they could control the amount. The Articles became a pain to those who were in places like Massachusetts, for their debt was great, starting Shay's Rebellion. This great event, although quickly stopped, proved the weakness of the Articles of Confederation.