The Treaty of Versailles

Myrissa Bloemendaal

What is it?

The Treaty of Versailles was what ended World War I. It was signed on June 28, 1919. The content in this treaty had 15 parts and 440 articles. It assigned liability for the reparations that needed to be done.
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It was strictly applied for five years and then the French assented to the changes of essential provisions.
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Why did we need it?

Germany had to take full responsibility for starting the war. Since "she" had done so, "she" had to pay all the damages that were caused because of this war. Germans eventually felt mistreated, and they blamed their government for starting the war. The treaty was needed to weaken Germany and to stop the spread of communism. Overall, it just made them mad.
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The effect on America and its Literature?

This didn't have such a big impact on America as it did Belgium, Great Britain, or France. It did help America for a little while, keeping it from being a target to Germany.

Literature, on the other hand, was impacted. It was a muse, something that inspired writings. People created stories with this idea.