The Ebola Crisis Around the World

created by, Dallas McGrew & Harrison Jobe

Recent History

The Ebola virus has been rapidly spreading across West Africa. Eric Duncan, a man who came to America from Liberia, carried the Ebola virus into Texas.

causes and preventions

Ebola is caused when an Ebola infected animal infects a human. Once the human is infected the way to spread the virus is by coming in contact with bodily fluids. People should wear protective clothing to shield themselves from contact.


Liberian president Ellen SirLeaf sets goal for no new patients till Dec. 25

“I believe on has to set a goal and try to encourage everybody to do what they can to achieve that goal”

Hospital Procedures

With an interview with a Baylor ICU nurse, Stacy McGrew, the hospital has a whole section of the hospital specialized for Ebola patient care. Doctors and nurses take extreme caution even putting on their protective gear, and there are a string of questions for people who've visited any part of West Africa with screening for the virus.

News bullitens

Once person is cured from Ebola they can no longer spread the virus, but should still be cautious.