Hate List

Jenifer Brown

Hate List summary.

The novel is set after a shooting incident at an American high school and deals with themes of hatred, bullying, family tension, and suicide. A teenage girl has to go through her senior year knowing her boyfriend killed and injured many people including himself. Valerie has a really hard time getting through her senior year until popular Jessica be comes friends with her.
The Hate List takes place in Garvin County at Garvin High School. Valerie is the main character. Nick, the person who started the shooting in the school was Valerie's boyfriend. Jessica is the pretty, popular girl who calls Valerie "sister death." Jessica was on "the hate list" but Valerie saved her life. Valerie has to go through her senior year with the guilt of what her boyfriend did. Along the way Valerie becomes friends with Jessica and her group of friends.
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