The Mouth Watering Grossness

By: Bugg.

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Greasy Tummies!

Do you ever wonder what's in daily foods you eat. Your probably asking yourself, "Uh why? Whats in it?" But did you ever know that when you eat most hamburgers/cheeseburgers you're basically eating FAT! And Grease. Sounds gross right. But just think of those yummy pizza commercials. And the nice big hamburgers with bacon. Gee I sure wish I could eat that. But just think whats all in the hamburger. That grease that makes you fat. I personaly think that we should stop eating these things. If we stop earing this grossness it will; Make us more active. It will make us happy. And we wont be so tired. Just think, wouldn't you want to live that life instead of eating that grease filled food.

Oh The Fun We'll Have!

How you'll be more active. If you eat fruits, vegtables, and even drink protien shakes you'll be really active. And then maybe go for a jog because after eating all that food you might burn some calories off. Did you know that a can of soda contains 1 teaspoon of sugar. But if we drink 500 cans of soda a year we will gain 52 pounds. And also 12.5 million kids/adults are obese. Being active leads into being happy. You'll be happy because; You'll have the nutrition in our body that we need. And because when we eat a light snack we won't he so full, and be lazy. Did you know, over 30 years people being obese has tripled. In 2011 more than 15% kids are overweight. Happy leads into not bwing tired. You won't be tired because; When your happy you'll be active. So you are going to to a lot of fun things that won't make you so tired. Also if you eat a couple fruit cups before work/school then it will keep you up, running, active, and not tired. Did you know, to help star non-overweight you can exercise (Walking, Running) even lifting weights to loose weight. We can also stretch. Like doing yoga.


There is 20 grams of fat in a single hamburger at Burger King. But a McDouble hamburger with ketchup mayo tomato lettice has 133 total grams of fat. McDonalds has 25 grams of fat in 1 bite. But the whole thing has 155 grams of fat. Domino's cheese pizza has 78 grams of fat in 1 bit. But if your a hungry hungry hippo and eat the whole pizza it has 865 grams of fat. Lil Caesars pepperoni pizza has 9 grams of fat in each bite. But, if you want to eat ten slices (the whole thing) it is 90 grams. I think that I'd rather eat Lil Caesars becuase, it has less grams of fat. I would be scared to eat a full Domino's pizza because when I look in tje morror, well lets just say I might not be happy with the results.

Plain Old Fat.

Some people personally may think their fine. Because there skinny. But its not just about being skinny. Its about staying fit. Not being so lazy. And being healthy. Yeah I eat pizza. Bit about evey month. 3,500 people get fat off of pizza each year. Thats a lot of fat people. I would rather eat the pizza that comes from Lil' Caesars. Because your adding 9 grams on fat to your body. And thats less than the rest.

Drinks too good? Or too bad?

Mouth Watering Drinks!

Everybody loves to drink Diet Pepsie, Coffee, Moutain Dew and all the good stuff. But think how much caffein that has. We'll be bouncin' off the walls in no time at all. Some of the drinks have sugar and people are getting fat when they drink things like pop. If we drink 500 cans a year of pop that means we gain 52 grams of fat in our bodies.