Humpback Whales

By Jasmine

What is a humpback whale?

A humpback whale is a mammal that lives in the ocean. It can grow up to 40 or 50 feet in length and can weigh 48 tons. You can recognise a humpback whale from its large flippers and the hump shape that it makes when it dives. The flippers are nearly one-third of its body. Humpback whales can be grey to black in colour with white markings. The markings are like finger prints. This makes it easy for the whales to recognise each other. The humpback whale lives in a pod up to 20,000.

Humpback whales live in oceans around the world.

Mini Whale Dictionary

1. fluke- the 2 parts of the whales tail

2. baleen- filter feeder

3. pod- a group of whales

Did You Know: Researchers think that a humpback whale shuts off half of their brain to sleep