Weekly Warrior Bulletin

October 9, 2015


Micah Socks (10th)
Andrea Parry (11th)
Mark Wadel (14th)

Valley Citizen Student of the Week

BHS is happy to partner with The Valley Citizen, a local newspaper, to run "Featured Student" articles each week.

Any BHS student may be nominated as a “Featured Student” and have an article composed to highlight their achievements both in and outside of school. BHS student authors will interview "featured students" and compose articles to highlight our best and/or brightest.

Nominated students should be those that are exemplary representatives of BHS. Students do not need to be great athletes or at the top academically, but should be individuals recognized as hard working in class or being helpful or doing something particularly interesting. These are often students that would not be recognized other than as a student of the week… However, the choice of potential students remains with the teachers.

Please click here to nominate a student for Student of the Week!


Our very own Warrior Football Team and Coach Clayton Anders won 2015 Hagerstown: The Best of Life in Washington County and Beyond Hot List spots! Congratulations! You make us so proud!

SLO Writing

Go to this folder for support in writing your SLOs!

Terracycle Packs

Boonsboro Elem. needs Terracycle drink packs - (Capri Suns, Kool Aid, Honest Kids...) empty and washed because they are in the running to win a new playground, which is soooo badly needed - Amy Clayton will happily collect them - just leave them at A-58.


TUE 10/13: No CFIP (short week)

WED 10/14: Make It Happen Day/PSAT Administration (all morning - revised schedule)

FRI 10/16: NO SCHOOL - Association Day - College Board Trainings

TUE 10/27: Next CFIP Day - come and talk about how your use of some reading strategies has been going!

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Warrior Athletics

Friday, Oct 9, 2015
7:00 Varsity Football @FSK

Saturday, Oct 10, 2015
10am Cross Country Varsity Invitational @Middletown High
10am Golf Invitational @Westminster National Golf Course
11am JV Volleyball @Spring Mills (12Noon Varsity)
12Noon JV Soccer vs. Spring Mills @BHS (1:30 Varsity)

Monday, Oct 12, 2015
4:00 Unified Tennis @NHH (bus leaves 3:10)

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015
4:00 Varsity Golf vs. Walkersville @Glade Valley
5:15 JV Boys Soccer @SHH (7:00 Varsity)
5:30 JV Girls Soccer vs. SHH @BHS (6:30 Varsity)

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015
7:00 JV Football @NHH

Thursday, Oct 15, 2015
3:30 Golf Varsity vs. Linganore @Westwinds
5:00 JV Girls Soccer vs. Hedgesville @BHS (Varsity at 7)
5:30 JV Boys Soccer @
Hedgesville (Varsity at 7)
5:30 JV Volleyball @WHS (Varsity at 6:30)

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Thank you to Michael Bair and his sound equipment students for helping to ensure a loud and clear Pep Rally on Friday!

A big, big THANK YOU to Kelly Steiner, Dawn Spitzer, Garth Fazio, Matt Wink, Sandi Gagliardi, Michelle Baranowske, Cory Matheny, Debbie Blackwell, and Starlene Hamilton for helping to chaperone Saturday night's Homecoming Dance. It couldn't have happened without you!

Thanks to Shirley for all of her help and expertise in the kitchen during the Pancake breakfast.

Thanks to George for his help and willingness to get up so early to help with the Pancake breakfast.

Thanks to all who came out from their warm beds on a cold rainy morning to support the pancake breakfast.

Kudos to Rebecca Segar, Connie Burley, and Shawn Cutsail for letting me use their classrooms during their planning last week and this week for a lab.

Kudos to Dawn Spitzer for leading a great CFIP day on a very important and useful topic!

Kudos to Wendy Strunk for being such a helpful and patient addition to my classroom 2nd and 6th periods!

Kudos to Beth Downin for being such a supportive and understanding lead teacher!

Kudos to Debbie Blackwell and Steve Garland’s 6th period horticulture students for the flowers planted in the corner of D Block.

Thanks to Beth Downin for providing coverage for a teacher leader in training.

Thanks to Emily Demartino for constantly working to improve our school!

Great work, Amy Clayton- the way you expose students to new cultures and perspectives is inspiring!

Kudos to Justin Bright for focusing on the writing process in his math classroom. You are a reflective and thoughtful educator.

Kudos to Sally Poole for working with some of our most difficult clients!

Thanks to Adam Parry for enabling AP students to make up a test in his room during his planning

Thanks to all the teachers who have welcomed FCC students to their classrooms! -- Dawn Spitzer, Ashley Wisner, Alex Weakland, Judy Spence, Tracy Salka, Amy Clayton, Bethann Radomski, Micah Socks, Connie Burley, Keith Welch, Allison Wadding, Pete O'Connor

Thanks to Dawn Spitzer for sharing great strategies to help our struggling readers.

Thank you to Beth Downin! Your help gave yearbook students a chance to experience a face-to-face ad sale campaign.

Hats off to Bethanne Radomski for giving your valuable extra time to help out chemistry students.

Kudos to Dawn Spitzer for her work on the Writing Center.

Kudos to Ashley Wisner and Cindy Ours for developing education plans for at risk students.

Thanks to Danielle McDonald for your insight and intelligent conversation.

Kudos to Debbie Blackwell and team for the most awesome apple dumpling I've ever eaten!