2C Classroom Update

December 18, 2015

Dear Families,

Thank you for joining us for our first Curriculum Share! The students were thrilled to share their work on their "Move Around, Learn Around" campaign.

On Monday, the class met with Mr. Saunders and shared their reasons and projects to try to persuade their leader that they should be able to visit other classes for lit block, math block, lunch, and/or snack times. On Wednesday, 2C received an email from Mr. Saunders stating: "I have decided to authorize "Move Around Learn Around" as an official part of the BPCS school. You all should be proud of your work and I look forward to all the positive experiences 2C has made possible for the students of BPCS." After winter break, students will begin to switch classrooms during lit block and math block. This will allow students to see other friends, learn from different teachers, and receive more differentiated support!

If you were unable to join us for the share, please enjoy the videos and photos of the students work below. The passwords for the videos are supersnakes. Have a wonderful winter break if we do not see you!

2C Curriculum Share: "Move Around, Learn Around"

Open-Minded Student of the Week: Axel

Axel exemplifies being open-minded to others' perspectives, ideas, cultures and values. Here are some examples of how is open-minded and how it helps our classroom community:

  • "When I was touching Axel, he asked me to stop in a nice way instead of getting mad because he knew I wasn't trying to bother him."
  • "When Axel's idea isn't chosen he is never mad. He gets excited about the new idea."
  • "Axel was really helpful when a new student came to our class and always helps that person."
  • "He is open-minded by being flexible and cool with stuff when things change."
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Open-Minded Student of the Week #2: Jasmine

Jasmine also exemplifies being an open-minded Super Snake. Here are examples of how her open-mindedness helps our community:

  • "Jasmine and I had a misunderstanding, and we both apologized and she forgave me."
  • "When someone bumped into Jasmine, she nicely told them and didn't think they did it on purpose."
  • "Jasmine will always help me."
  • "During PE when other kids were trying to tell me to listen to the teacher in a mean way, Jasmine came to me and told me in a nice way that I was supposed to stop talking. It made me feel good."
  • "Jasmine always gets excited to try new things."
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2C Announcements:

  • Families are invited to our Narrative Writing Celebration on Monday, December 21st at 9:15 a.m. We hope to see you then!
  • Reminder: There is no school on Thursday, December 24th. We return to school Monday, January 4th, 2016!
  • Students should be reading every day over break for at least 15 minutes. There will be an optional homework packet sent home over break. We encourage students to complete at least a few pages if they have down time.
  • Students and families should have received and signed our "Brooklyn Prospect Charter School Classroom and School Library Book Contract." Please discuss the contract and have your student return it Monday if he/she has not yet done so. Students will start to check out and bring home books on Monday (if we have their contract). These will be "just-right" books that students should read for the independent reading parts of their homework. We suggest that the books stay in their backpacks when not being used so they do not get lost at home or anywhere else.

Recess Fun!

(Photos courtesy of the wonderful Ms. Walsh)

Specials Update

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Reflections on the First Term

This was a very exciting term for the musicians in 2C music! Students worked hard to prepare their production of McKenzie and Omar's "Marching Band" for the BPCS High School Choir in late November. As you can see in the picture above, 2C students then reflected on their performance: their strengths (of which there were many!) and the places where they could grow. They thought critically on how they could improve on their performance and applied those ideas to their preparation for the 2015 Curriculum Share (which I hope that many of you had the opportunity to watch!). It was a really fantastic term of music!

I hope that you have a restful (and musical) winter break! I look forward to working with 2C in 2016!

- Kim Raccio

Physical Education Update from Coach M

Swimming is over for our fall session but we are still working hard in Physical Education!

Details to come soon if we are planning on signing the second graders up for a second swim session in the spring.

¡Las artistas visitan México!

Ooh La La! Second grade artists are making jewelry for an authentic Mercado de México. Working in clay, metal, wire, and ribbon they are creating all kinds of amazing charms and trinkets. Check out your students at work and make some time to visit our Mercado (located outside the Studio Lab) next week!! Happy Holiday from the Studio Lab!