We need a hero.

what it takes to be a hero in todays society!

what do we need today?

A lot of things have changed over time. people have gotten lazy, uncaring, and just plain mean… We need more people to help out in the world, for more people to care more about others then themselves. people that will open up their eyes to the people and the problems around them and help out as much as they possibly can.

who does it take to solve the problem?

YOU! it only takes the kindness of your heart to make a change in todays life. All you need is…

-a kind heart

-the will to help others


-the motivation to get out and help!

its not hard to make a difference, you just have to try.

Heros today!

if you give to people, Karma will give back!


-the feeling of helping someone, that CANNOT help themselves… its amazing! like nothing you've ever felt before!

-the emotions of it can be up and down. some times people don't want help, but some people.. just the smiles on their faces light up the whole room!

-if you give to people, as the motto says, Karma will give back. this means, if you do good things, good things will come your way!

some people now will actually go out and beg for money,and not even need it! when you look at people that need help.. you'll never know, but always think of Karma. the people that go out and act like they need when they don't, one daay they will need but no one will give!