First Grade Library News

Week of August 25, 2014

Back to school in the CCE library!

Welcome back to another school year at CCE! I have enjoyed seeing the first graders this year, it is so much fun to see how the kids have grown as readers and individuals just in one short year!

This week in the library the first graders and I read about the parts of a book in A Book is Just Like You! by Kathleen Fox. The kids did a great job and understand more about the parts of a book and the handy tools like the index and glossary. This book is a delight as the humor in it really helps to keep kids engaged and interested in an otherwise kind of dry topic.

First graders have been working really hard on learning the expectations in the library and at using shelf markers to be sure books stay where they belong in the library. They are doing a great job and I have enjoyed our time together so much already.

Each week when the students come to library we will share in a reading experience. It may be story time, a reader's theater, sharing about the books we've been reading, etc. We will also work on technology together as the year goes forward.

At this time first graders have been checking out one book at a time and are able to check out a new one when their first one comes back. This will change to two books soon but I will be sure to let you know in a newsletter when this happens. I want the kids to feel like they have access to our wonderful collection but I know what it is like to try and track down things at home, I try to keep things clear and simple for them and you.

If you ever have any questions please contact me I would be happy to get to know more parents.

Jenny Brenner

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